Friday, September 26, 2008

TGIF on monday

This monday, went gai gai after class (not after class, was skipping class actually). Had my dinner at TGI Friday's, 1 utama, or i called it according which day i go, so it was TGI monday's. *grin* This was the second time i went there, as the first time , it was on the valentine's day. Two singles were having dinner together on that day, sounded funny right? But who cares....*evil grinning* Back to it, to avoid from clashing with buka puasa time, we had our dinner early.

Personally, I like this shot so much~ dc also can get good shot too...
I wanted to order a hot chocolate but they don't have although it was in the menu. So i decided to change another hot drink but the choices of hot drink was so little. In the end, i had a cold apple juice which tasted like the sunkist's apple juice box drink. *speechless*

I was so happy while having it, simply because i wanted to have something cheezy and the taste which suited what i want truly, the cheezy sauce, and the mashed potato with cheddar cheese too. The chicken breast was juicy and the meat was just nice, not too hard...
sizzling chicken and cheese

Jack Daniel's Burger
I like the fries cos' they were really crispy....c'est tout ce que j'aime which means i'm loving it in french.

Sometimes, i wonder why the menu of TGI Friday's, Chili's and Tony Roma's looks so alike, the differences between them are the varieties of food and their name too. *giggle*


Simon Seow said...

I find the JD sauce a bit too sweet.

angeline said...

I didn't really taste it well, but besides sweet, is it a little bit of sour, right?