Friday, September 19, 2008


Most of the suppliers told us that there were too many schools/uni using rats for research use, and now the market was out of stock. wtf. If we don't find any rats, then how are we going to start our research? *sob sob* This monday, we quickly went to the pet shop at the top of mid valley to try our luck for rat hunting right after our class. ( Anyone can do me a favour if you have any Sprague dawley? I need it urgently. Thanks a lot) Before rat hunting, we went to have our early dinner as we didn't want to crash with the buka puasa time.

We chose the Paddington, house of pancakes which located at the ground floor. There was just a table of people sitting in it, cause it was too late for tea time while too early for dinner. The menu was too thick for me to choose, varieties of choices of pancakes, sweet with fruits and ice-cream topping, vegie, meat; all kinda combinations you can actually found in the menu. I just knew that an ordinary pancake can have so much outcomes.

I ordered a cup of latte, with my beloved heart-shape's cream was drawn on it.

This was the pancake that shee ying ordered. Forgot what was the name, minced chicken stuffing. Just like mine, prague with minced chicken too. The pancake was ok, but it looked not like a pancake that i imagined. However, i preferred those ordinary pancake. It was not worth for the price cause the portion was small. The sour sauce tasted better with spaghetti i think but sorry not with pancake.


Shee Ying and her i-called-as-mutabak-like pancake

Me and my capati-like pancake

Maybe i chose the wrong course which don't suit my taste. Hope there will be some others which suit me.

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