Sunday, September 7, 2008


Finally..... i have chance to go clubbing. Haha... And now, i'm still in clubbing sensation....Don't think i'm a bad girl, i'm not, k?
Since last year, i have a long time didn't go clubbing, cos' no kaki. It's hard to find kaki here, cos' most of my friends around me don't club, seldom club, dislike club, thinking clubbing are those bad guys and girls.....*sigh* I wish that to have fun although there are kaki too, but sometimes i feel a bit kekok.

Back to the topic, so i went to maison at town last night. This is my first time at maison. Actually we were late for the party, but on the way to kl, we thought there would be traffic jam. Suprisingly, the way was smooth from PJ to KL, just a little bit of slow moving at Bukit Bintang. Turned into Jalan Doraisamy, suprisingly again, smooth and there were a lot of empty parking lots, unlike those weekends.

So when we walked into Maison, although already 12 something, but it looks like just 11 night. *.*\\\ Maybe because of rainning whole day long, that's why less cars and people were coming out for party. Thinking of changing to other places, but at last we stayed. We found a table near a corner, and ordered a bottle of red wine, as we couldn't have a bottle of black label (can't afford for girls) and we dislike beer. Luckily, more and more people were coming in which the party started to warm.

(someone is asking me to remove the photo, and she is so worried about it. Just to let her feel better, i have no choice but to remove the photo from here. I apologize to her about the pic and my readers too for my changing here.)
Tonight may looked stunning and ladylike, unlike the usual may which always t-shirt and khakis pants on her no matter going anywhere. May, you should always wear like this.

Poor shuang and may too had not sleep for over 24 hours because they had to do lab overnight at uni. Yet they still had the energy to club. *salute* Shuang started addicting to it.

These sexy dancers heated up the party

I like those music played in the night which i was familiar with. Thinking that i would be tired but i had danced till' it ended. Thank for looking up on me and asking me dance up stage. *blush*
Last but not least, i wanna dance cos' i'm loving it. :p

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