Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wonderful Friday - random post

Today, i'm very happy. First time wore so formal, like it. Did not that bad in my poster presentation although one of my examiner was that one i had expected. And yeah, finally it's over. Successful persuaded the cool guy, boon tien to join us for lunch. Had late lunch at the apartment, also celebrating xiao yun and wei mee's belated birthday. Food at the apartment was sucks yet thumb up for the service. After that, went to watch confesion of a shopaholic. Well, it's about shopping, love, friendship, touching moment, lots of laughther, yet a happy ending. Then, we went to old town to have late dinner. And some chit-chatting. Back to home, awful pain on my feet due to high heels for 16 hours ++. Now, sitting in front of my laptop, blogging while popping with music. Wish to go clubbing and move it move it. When, my friends? Ok, really can feel the exhaustion, it's time to bed. Bonne nuit.

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