Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm in deep shit! Tomorrow i have french test, yet until now still haven't study. My trial presentation is sucks! Need more preparation and practice. I pray for that @#&%$ prof which always asks WTF questions not to turn up on Friday, indeed not as a judge of the poster presentation. Or not, i'll be in very very deep shit!

What should i do now? Study? Prepare? Practice?

WTF..... I'm blogging here.

Help me...i'm so stressed...


UncleJosh said...

all the best for your french test ya... remember to teach me a couple of lines to order food :P

angeline said...

Yet i learn just a very tiny part of it.. maybe some simple greeting i can teach you like 'bonjour'...wahaha
Should wish me lucks for my thesis presentation la..