Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Colours of love

When you like someone, things seem like very easy, sweet and nice.
But when you love someone, it's still nice and sweet, however it's not as easy as abc.

When you fall in love, the world seems to be pinkish at first, well some people's will turn to blue-ish then on. Some even worst, straight away to blackish. Yet, it does not mean one and all, there are still people who keep pinkish, or even a better one.

I'm not here to talk about colour, it's the stages/levels. Or maybe the colour that i have chosen to represent the stage/level is not as yours. Just want to pinpoint that, although the colour that presented now is the worst or the best, it does not mean the same will happen in the future.

Last night, chating about this thing with my best buddy. I was not deemed that this will be the satisfactory one. And i get scolded by her, because of having the idea in my head. Well, although i thought so and i'm not so optimis with it, yet i still hope this will the one and only one now and in the future too.

Love is sweet and sour with ups and downs every now and then. The sweetest you get, the bitterest is yet to come. Hold on if you think it's worth. Let go if you aren't in it. And when everything is over, don't think back and move on.

I should not be sitting here and writing this, i should stop it and move on for my thesis. Cheers~


Ashleyteng said...

r u in love?

angeline said...

This is a personal question. Answer u in msn. :p