Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ma9li卡 马jocar~

I clicked into David's blog, and i watch this so called ma9li卡 马jocar... It is funny... David, you are so creative, and i can't stop laughing at the scene.. wahahahaha~

And i keep thinking what is the word, it sounds familiar... i try to type into english and I guess you get it from Majolica Majorca, the name of cosmetic product. Click here for the official website, it is so beautiful, with stories go around.

P.S: Anyone knows what is the french song for the chapter 21? If ya, please tell me, je vous remercie.


Davidized said...

hahahahaha..thanx for support ler ! ma9li卡 马jocar~~~~~

angeline said...

you're welcome. ma9li卡 马jocar~