Monday, November 24, 2008

Malaysia's roads

My car's front left tyre's shock absorber has broken, so have to change the both side absorbers for the front tyres which cost RM200 something.

All this done just has to thank to our country holes-everywhere roads. Long ago, i thought only my state's roads were like that, but after been here for years, one thing i can conclude, the roads in our country are the same, bumpy and holes everywhere, even at the capital too. I really hate to drive at the roads to KL, you have to keep alert to avoid from kena lubang, if you kena, your car hurts as well as your heart too.

roads at here sometimes even worse than these
When can we have the roads like this, smooth and flat. But i don't think so, even our highways are too dangerous to speed just because they are uneven. What for putting the 110km/h signboard there? I think highway has to change the name to slow-way.

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