Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jogoya, here i come~

Finally, i have the chance to dine in at Jogoya which located at Starhill Gallery. Thank you for bringing me there. That is one of my wishlist since i heard the name for so long.

My beloved food and beloved Canon (seems like advertising for Canon)
prawn with brocoli
And Jogoya is celebrating their 3rd anniversery and having the 50% off promotion for ladies (weekdays only) from 13th Oct to 19th Dec. Although it was a Monday, but i didn't get the 50% off not because i'm not a lady (truly i'm a 100% lady, k...), just because it was Deepavali public holiday. What a waste~ *_*

I found that the symbol of Jogoya looked a bit similar with Ayumi's icon, what do you think? Spot the promotion there?
Specially thank to ben who treat me there~ (he forced me to upload his photo here... *~*)
Hehe, kidding la :p...

Actually i didn't take much photos for the food although there was a big variety of food choice, and i'd no idea what to eat. But overall, the food was ok. I ate not much, so not worth for it. Even though my favourite sashimi i didn't eat much too, maybe afraid of stomach ache cos' these few days i was not feeling well. Well, Haagen Dazs green tea ice-cream, c'est tout ce que j'aime.

Acting cool, don't play play with me~
Camwhore with my beloved Canon. Again, sounds like advertising for it. *faint*

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