Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hearty gift

When i was almost turned 21st, i wish to get my key with a heart shape, just because i love heart shape, while i dislike those ordinary key necklace. (It's better to buy a real key for me than that) But my 21 years old, no key for me, just a crystal bracelet from my mom. Anyway, i like it too.

But mom really loves me so much, and i didn't expect that when i turned 22nd, she gave me the heart shape platinum necklace. And she really knows my taste, i love the design of the necklace where the heart falls in diagonal. That's so called like mother like daughter. *giggle* This necklace was not cheap also, i just wonder why she would buy it. And she told me that when she was window shopping, she saw there was promotion in the jeweller and just walked in. And she saw this just because she liked the design where the ruby stone sit in the heart shape, so she just bought it and on that moment she just realised the price was not as cheap as the promotion written. And yet she insisted to buy it for her lovely girl. How sweet is it. There is a small diamond at the edge of the heart too.

This is what i wish to have for my 21st birthday, key with a heart shape. The design not necessary should exactly like this but something like that. And i just realise that it means key to the heart. Meaningful. If anyone insists to fulfill my wish, you're welcomed. LOL

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