Sunday, January 4, 2009

love M'sia!

Nowadays, my house's streamyx run slow like tortoise. I'm not sure is it caused by the undersea cable that they are repairing or what else. But they have promised to finish it before the 1st of Jan, but then why the line is still so slow?

Nowadays, making a police report has become troublesome, like what have faced by Adi and Jenna's BF. Our country is safe?! Shit you. Go to survey and see, is it safe or not?

That's Malaysia. I'm very disappointed with my country, even those politicians are making our country more corrupted. As a citizen, we never think of grabbing anything from anyone else, what we want is a peace country. That's all we need.


-jeNNa- said...

yaya.. i totally agree with u..
wat we wan is just peace.. that's all..
but the politic in our country make each of us worry sick..

Domestic Diva said...

That is very true! Am glad there are still Malaysian living in the country who feel the same with us on the outer rim of the country