Monday, January 19, 2009

Italiannies, here i come~

Finally get myself to Italiannies for the brand new spaghetti in bowls which i wish to try it for so long.

Italiannies, here i come.....

Bear bear is also here to say hi~

When we just have our seat, the waiter serves us the free breads and he pours a plate full of olive oil and some vinegar to dip with the breads. Wow~, i never know that olive oil and this special-made vinegar are a great combination with bread.

So, i have an iced cafe latte and my boss has his iced cafe mocha. We ordered a classic pizza, a combo spaghetti which i wish to taste it, and cappucino pie as our dessert.

We have chosen lasagna, pomodoro, salmon and shrimp as the four flavours of our spaghetti. I love the bowl with angel hair and shrimp. Well, the shrimp is so juicy and fresh. Yum yum. That salmon's bowl is some sort like salad, so it's served cool, and the shell shape pasta is a bit hard. The lasagna is too salty for me.

Huge pieces of pizza which can serve up to 4 persons. Overall, it's nice. But we are too full till' we have to take away the leftover. Don't waste food ma, especially such delicious food. *grin*

Another huge dish, our dessert---> Cappucino pie. This is delicious. Actually there are ice-cream with plate full of chocolate. Simply sweet and yummy.

Our piece of art work, look silly? Love the environment, food and people which is the matter that impress me, they are so friendly. I still remembered the scene that the lady who does not write down anything while we ordered but she can remember what we have ordered and repeats our order without any error. *salute* And we have spent about 2 hours for the lunch, just because everything is huge here, we need time to digest so that we can add in the next dish into our stomach.


Last but not least, thank to my boss, Ben who treat me such a delicious meal. Nah, here is your reward, muacks, you worth it. *giggle evilly*


Ben, the Kitty said...

Boss? Why called me boss? Hehe~ Thanks for the photo. You so fast post the new post already. I think my photos still inside my card. Sigh~

angeline said...

cos u treat me such delicious and expensive food ma...
I ber-efficient de ma...but u also very fast leave comment here oh...