Saturday, July 26, 2008


Bonjour, je m'apelle angel.
This sem, i'm taking french class.
As a beginner who learn a little bit of the basic french and now try to show off here.
Oh mon dieu...
Every monday and wednesday, i can't wait to attend the class rather than the other boring bio subjects.
Although it is a totally foreign language to me, but i find it is interesting.
There are also difficulties too, especially the pronounciation, lots of french words have to pronounce by using nasal sound.
The words can be either masculine or feminine, which will affect the noun or verb that we used.
But I'm still glad that i can register for the french class which i wish to learn it ever.
Really wish that i can speak it fluently after in the end of this semester.

This is some simple words which may use it in oour daily life:
to greet someone - bonjour (in the morning or evening)
- bonsoir (in the evening(after 6pm))
- bonne nuit (bedtime)
thank you - merci
bye bye - au revoir

Ok, i stop showing off.

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