Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tsunami is coming?

Recently i've received an email saying that on 22nd of July will have tsunami due to the sun eclipse. Even my parents also received the mail and asked me not to go to the beach during that month. I'm wondering is the mail a prank or truth? It has scared me, i don't want to see anyone to get hurt especially my love one.

Tsunami that happened on 26th of December 2004 which hit Penang had brought an impact to me. After the incident happened, i was afraid to go to beach. I still remembered that the day before the incident happened, my family and i went to beach at Pantai Bersih. Well, we went during the night. Lots of people were lingering at the beach. The sea was whole black. The wave seemed to be uncalm, neither high nor low tide. The wave flowed up and fell again every here and there. My mum used to have sixth sense where she felt unclamness, and said," It's time to back home." So we left the beach.

The next morning, while i was still slept soundly on my bed, there was shaking occurred. My parents felt like dizzy and thought they were having headache. I woke up late morning and i saw my friend's sms, saying that earthquake just occurred at about 9 something. Then news started to report about the earthquake and tsunami happened on TV late evening. Due to it was a weekend, lots of people went to beach and some ended up their life to the wave. Because of Malaysia never had tsunami before, and no one knew what was the big wave which coming from the sea, and the people run towards the sea curiously and had a look. Yet they ended to be wrapped up by the wave and pulled away from shore. Who would think it was a tsunami?

The earthquake which caused tsunami to occur during December 2004

Some said before the tsunami occurred, the wave would be uneven. Something like the wave the night we seen. Yet no one would guess what will happen, right?

From that on, i was afraid to go beach. Looking at the sea, it made me thought of the incident that happened to human and caused lost of their love one. And i would not dare to park along the road at the gurney drive as the wave had flowed up to the shore during that time. Because of tsunami, the seaside like Gurney Drive, Batu Ferringhi, along the B'worth seaside become muddy.

Back to the previous email that have received, it's good to remind people to be careful, yet if it's a prank, it makes people feel anxieties, worries and unease. If it's truth, it would be another disaster soon to be happened to human. I have no idea how/where to verify the truth. Anyone?

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