Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dance bonds people

This past Monday, I'd met with three of my friends, which we knew each others through dance.

The first person i have met is Jasmine, who is my 'daughter' too. We know each other genuinely through family. We use to have family system during our college(hostel) life; for example the first year will be the sons and daughters, then the second year will be the moms and dads, followed by third year will be the grandpas and grandmas, fourth year will be the great grandpas and great grandmas and so forth. Initially she impressed me because she is one of the performing art(dance) faculty students; whereby she will be my friend, xiao por's junior. Yet we become closer as she joins CC Dance Club, where i'm also one of the members. As we have dance practices for Feseni and also dance competition at Melacca. The relationship between us mostly is bonded through dance rather than family i think.

The second person i have met is Kai Li, where we know each other through PTUM performance/dance bureau. We have a hard time for the practices, just because the practice is stiff. It's not for play play only. In this bureau, the participants are either pro in dance or totally idiot in dance. But no matter how, the participants would finally able to dance gracefully in the performance. The tough practice which is the key that have trained us to be skilled and expert. Because of the hardships we have been through, the relationship of the whole group of people get very well. And my dance skill has improved a lot from then on. Kai Li and I befriend after all. Kai Li, thank for keeping the certificate for me. And i still remembered the chocolate that you have presented me. *wink*

The third yet last person in the day i have met is Xiao Wei, also we know each others through PTUM dance bureau and likewise, she is the member of CC Dance Club too. What a coincidence. Xiao Wei is from performing art(drama) faculty who like to dance so much. She is a wonderful and unique girl.

An ordinary day, i have met three persons, where we are interelated with one thing, i.e. dance. Dance bonds us together. I heart dance so much.

The body says what words cannot
-Martha Graham-

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