Monday, April 27, 2009

So excited~

Today, it's a memorable day for me. Even the rain falls to celebrate with me besides tempering for the damn hot weather. I have worked hard for two sem, about one year time, suspended my one month long holiday, 8 credit hours final year project, also known as thesis, has finally come out in a blue-ish cover book. I'm so so so so so so so....X100000000000 excited and happy. Unexplainable and indescribable joy and delight. Whenever i look at the blue book or think about it, i would whisper to myself, "woohoo, finally done." and giggling to myself; in the room, in the car, while walking, and at Oldtown too. And su hwa said, "tonight you need not have to sleep, and even you slept you would laugh out loudly in the midle of the night." Maybe it could happen. Who knows? Caution to my roomate, don't get too frighten about my action(if it happens) during the night. And i felt so so so tired, cos' i slept at 5 in the morning the day before and the day after i waked up early in the morning. One advice to all, don't sleep "early" and wake up early too for continuous days. Or maybe i'm too old to have such habit already. *sigh while shake head-ing*

Ok, i think i should stop and go to sleep gao gao tonight.


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