Friday, July 24, 2009

Post update 240709

Here i come to update something... Well have already being through a week long working life... I'm the most free in the department i think while everyone is so busy keep typing; as what i can hear in the office is the keyboard hitting and mouse scrolling sound. And i was bored till' die. Everyday keep studying, studying and studying... cos' i'm new, so what i should do before going to start the job, i need training and knowledge about it... As i was too free, i started to think "how am i going to decorate my desk... what should i add to it... things to buy...", and so forth. And somehow, i start to wonder am i choosing the right job? Is the job i want it to be? Well, it's still early to say anything yet, i should have a try first, right? Never try it, i will never know what is the ending. Somehow working in a big office with lots of colleagues it's quite hard to mix around, i'm still not use to it. Okies, friends, this is how my one week long at the office.


AJ said...

You will be adapted to it imminently, at least I believe u can handle it.. haha. All the best and take care my dear!

angeline said...

hopefully everything is going to be fine.... thank dear~