Thursday, July 30, 2009

j'aime sushi

Having a long time didn't update for food already. Now here i come. Japanese food is always my beloved... Having tea time at sushi zanmai at Garden, Mid Valley City. Let's the photos do the talking...

This was my first time to have cold noodles, cos' i always think that noodles which is cold isn't taste good, as noodles are likely to be eaten hot. But i was wrong actually. This was nice. We had a cha soba.

This was a bit salty to me.

petit octopus,weeee~

Sashimi sushi, double weeee~ Do you all know why i like sashimi? Think, think, think..... Just b'cos i can have it with wasabi. Wasabi, i'm loving it.

Here, end my fully-filled stomach.
Good night.


AJ said...

oOo.. yummy~ I am hungry..

angeline said...

let's go have sushi lo~