Monday, July 20, 2009

Malaysian-to-be-proud vocals

Still sitting in front of my laptop, listening to youtube rather than watching, while typing this now. Have found a good voice, which i was shocked that she is a Malaysian singer when i clicked onto one of her songs at youtube list, it came out some malay words in the lyrics. So i googled her name, certified she is a Malaysian. Her name is Zee Avi, with her hit song which is played very frequent on the radio recently, bitter heart.

Bitter heart

This is the song which evoked me to google who she is. Kantoi, that's her song's name.

I'm so proud of her, who is a malaysian, sings so well. Nice vocal, love her voice.

Another song which i like, is also sang by a malaysian singer, Estrella with her song, Stay.

Well, staying up so late with excitement to share these songs, good vocals and talented Malaysian singer with you all. I know i should sleep now; and i guess tomorrow will be a bad day, cos' it's Monday Blue...

Bonne nuit~ (Good night)

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