Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I don't wanna lose you.....

I'm losing something...
I'm losing time...
The time we are together...
And you're leaving soon...
That's mean, i'm losing u too...
I'm wondering if i have lost you, how is my life going to be?
The time without you, what will it be?
Feel emptiness? Lonely?
I guess yes.
That's why i'm so upset nowadays.
Only two months left from now, time is flowing away.
But you have started with a stress and busy life.
I wish to have some private time with you, travel with you but now seems like you are too busy with your work.
I have missed the time when you are inviting and free.
I regret with my disregard on you before that.
I gonna catch up.
I don't wanna care about people's words.
What i want now is to have sweet time with you, sweet memory between us.
Love to you, heart.

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