Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Say byebye to 2010, welcome 2011~

Wow, I don’t have any post on December 2010.. What the… Well, for the last quarter of 2010, it’s been a great time to pass… ups and downs…. thick and thin… 1st time he fetched me back Penang, I’m totally sitting beside him as a passenger… also the way back KL… Thought I’ll be fit in the driver seat in the midway, however he never gives me any chance of it… *happy*

Because of him, I get to go to the surname jetties which I never gone before though I’m a Penangite. Jetties come with Lim, Chew, Tan, Yeoh, Lee and mixed surname which located around the ferry jetty. And thank to mummy who is so friendly (talkative) and we get to enter one of the house at Chew’s jetty. Person who works as a HR knows the way to communicate with people. *salute*

Get myself a weighing scale as Christmas (exchange) gift from colleague. Got my Starbuck diary/organizer, would like to thank Chloe, Tracy, Kit Mun, Chooi Ling (also Salwani) and David’s contribution of the chops. 7 chops one shot on the last day of 2010, and I got the diary. Yeah~ Get a cutie tiny little giraffe from his sis. A Starbuck’s Christmas tumbler from him (last one found at The Curve, Starbuck). Have to walk up for 18 floors to my office on the last day of 2010. Get to back home on time (without any OT) for the 1st time cos’ we get to hit the target. We are so geng…. *salute*

Get myself a very 1st own vehicle. Get myself a camera. hehe~

2010 of mine ends prettily. And welcome to 2011, a wonderful year ahead. Cheers~

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