Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm Elva's fan

I'm a typical Elva's fan, own her albums, mostly... except the very 1st album, self title debut album, 同名专辑 and the latest album, diamond candy, 钻石糖 & miss Elva, 萧洒小姐. Love her not b'cos of her 1st album's songs, cappuccino or 最熟悉的陌生人. But was 上钩了, as the song was broadcast-ed after the drama or any shows. And bbf Tyan knew i like the song so much and she gave me the album during my birthday. I was so so so excited. After all, just falling into Elva's whirlpool. Had been to her i-called-as mini concert at Komtar Dome, Penang with her 4U during my 16. Haha.. She bought her dancers, and she sang many songs, and even changed her clothes. That's why i called it as mini concert and furthermore admission was free. Got the only Elva-signatured's album. It was a wonderful memory and did lots of silly acts with tyan and wan sin. But it was fun.

Love the rhythm, the dance.... not to forget, Elva Hsiao

Monday again.... Cheers~

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