Tuesday, June 30, 2009

life ar~

My industrial training is going to end so so so soon... 3 days to go.... passed up my report where this report is even thicker than my thesis... cool right?!

Just wanna crap here again... What is life actually? Can anyone tell me? To me, life is short. Do you feel that the time is striking fast? At least i feel so. When we were borned on the earth. When we learned to walk, we learned from the start... then came into school life for about 20 years, playing around, fooling around. After these years, then we came out for work. Work days and nights. Then owned car, house and belongings. Then get marry with someone else, made a small family. Earned for our children, their living, their education. Then when they finished their study, it was time to retire. Well, when we retired, i think we were be having lots of sickness, just cos' of tiredness of work, polluted environment, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and so forth. Is that what we get in the end? Suffer for the rest of our soon to be ending life, and waiting for death?

Can we really change it? Cos' i don't want a life like this. I want to enjoy life. But can we really enjoy it? How are we going to enjoy it without money? To me, money is still the matter, that's why we work so hard to get it. But when we really own them, are them yours? They might be contribute to your health in the end.

Love life. Life is precious. Here, end my crap~

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