Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday, earthquake?

24th of July, was working at office. Felt a bit shaky but it was a short 1, and i thought i was shivering as my office's air-cond is always at the winter state. In addition, no one was hoo-ha-ed of any shaking feel.

Anyway, certified that there was an earthquake occurred at Sumatra, Indonesia. There were some tremors occurred at KL, PJ area, but a short 1.

Here is the link about the earthquake.

This is the second time i felt it in my office. However, this time was a short 1(5 seconds from the news) if compared to the previous 1.

Have a nice weekend~ ^^

P/S: Happy birthday to Huey Wen, Shee Ying, Pei Li, David Yap.

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