Tuesday, June 1, 2010

i heart grand piano

I was regret that i didn't go for piano class which i wish to learn when my mum offered me, although that time i was already form 1. As i was at the rebellious age, I was thought: i'm too old to learn piano, i don't want to learn it with a bunch of small kids. As the actual reason was i felt embarrassed as i'll be the oldest there to learn grade 1. And i afraid if i learn worse than them, i can't accept the fact. But now, i regret. If i had learned since form 1, till' form 5, i might already get grade 4 or 5. T.T Now, whenever i have listened to nice music especially those piano version, but i can't even to play it. This is really upset. However, my mum bought me a keyboard when i passed my PMR with flying colour. But then, i had a long time didn't play it since i'm in KL.

Recently, fall into this song in piano version. One of my caffeine booster during work time.


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