Sunday, January 10, 2010

wonderful weekend

I cooked for my late lunch today, cos' i miss homie food so much, especially my mum's cooking, yum yum. Had a light and easy cooking, thrown everything into a pot of water. Well, i wanted to have some soup, at 1st i wanted to cook the bitter gourd soup and bitter gourd fried egg, but most of the bitter gourd sold in market were not nice. So, i ended up substituting it with peppermint leaves, whereby it could be as soup or fried with eggs as well. Anyhow, i didn't have it with fried eggs but had it with an egg in the soup.

Looks homie huh?

Soup of the day. Ingredient: peppermint leaves, egg, japanese toufu, chicken meat, xi dao fishballs, water & salt. It was nice, not too salty nor tasteless. The soup was tasty with the chicken meat and fishballs. And the peppermint savour was great as well. Overall was alright. Sound like writing a food blog. XP Someone is dripping saliva if he could see this, cos' he claimed that i never cook for him. Perhaps, have i? *shrugging shoulder*

By the way, i got a digital camera from the lucky draw of my company's dinner last night. Saturday night fever was the theme. Will collect it on Monday. Although i'm planning to get a SLR soon, yet i'm still very happy with it. Was one of the 10 grand prizes. Yeah~

Thinking of going for a jog, yet it rained. Anyhow, it was a wonderful weekend.

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