Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wish me lucks~

I've been through a very bad lucks this going-to-end-soon year. 1st of all, my tyre get flatten due to a hit on the road side. Two tyres cost me 300++ bucks. Secondly, my cellphone died off because of the attachment of the charger can't detach the electric flow from the charger. There, i spent another 4 digits. Recently, this past Sunday, i lost my purse, with IC, driving license, ATM card, and money as well. Again, have to spend for few hundred bucks and troublesomeness. How bad luck am i? It seems like a lottery, one month once.

Really hope the bad lucks halt here. And hoping for a better luck. Wish me lucks. *Praying hard*

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Pei Li said...

i'm having bad luck since i started my RA-ship kena clamp twice in UM within 1 month..n endless problems in my project...hopfully the bad luck wil go away from us soon....