Saturday, November 7, 2009

this is life....

Do you happy with your life? Somehow, it is. But somehow, it's not. Life is beautiful initially, but we seem to make life difficult, cos' we wish to own more. We start to demand on what we are living. We want plenty of outfit, good coffee, gold card, nice car, big house; a luxurious life. To pursue the life of luxury, we start working very hard, b'cos we ain't rich. I'm doubt when will this life is going to end, cos' human never felt satisfactory with what they have. What upset me is i'm one of them. I thought i can live with a simple life, indeed i was wrong. I'm materialistic as well.

Sad or happy?



Ashleyteng said...

living in this modern centuries, we have no choice but to work hard for all these desire luxurious life. even malaysia is improving, in term the quality of life. people going after things that supposedly not afford to own but they try so hard just because people are getting materialistic. it's ok to be so actually, eventually it benefit us. i mean what's life are for? is to earn and enjoy. true?

the only medium to balance this if-you-think-its-not-so-appropriate-characteristic, religion can comfor you, hui fern =)

Ashleyteng said...


typo sorry.