Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's being a long time i've not update my blog, besides of being busy with work, one of the main point which actually inhibited me from blogging is my streamyx had be cut out. Thank for the ex-housemate who had taken advanced months of money, saying that to pay the bill, but ended up line get cut out. I'm here now just b'cos i'm on MC and get online at his house while resting. To update who is concerned about me, i'm fine here. just a little bit more of OT which had taken my health down. No worry, buddies & friends. I'll take good care of myself. When i have free time or back to penang, i'll hang out with you guys, do contact me if there is any activities.

Friends do ask me whether study is better or working since then? Lots of people will question your own about it, i guess. For me, study is good in the sense that we have lots of free time, while working time is fix. Working is good that we can earn money, which is the key to survive and get belongings. To summarize, i prefer working.


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