Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy 52nd birthday, M'sia

Merdeka day is already over. Well, i'm just back from office. Everyone is celebrating the important day of Malaysia, Malaysians are having a holiday for this day, while i have to celebrate with tans of work till' near 12 midnight. No choice, end month is always the busiest day of our company, we have to rush everything out before the closing day of every month.

However it's so glad to have a smooth way like today morning. Just a few vehicles crawling at the road. You can really speed on the road. Even the buses too. Today i saw two. Unlike those weekdays, the traffic is sucks! Really hope that every morning when i go to work will be that smooth too.

It's time to rest my eyes. Had looking at the screen for more than 15 hours. Last but not least, happy belated birthday to Malaysia. We are one nation, one Malaysia. Good night people.

image from http://www.ctl.utm.my/merdeka/calon/merdeka22/images/merdeka5yv.png

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