Sunday, August 23, 2009

love your life~

It's very difficult to change one's character, do not think of changing one's character as if it's not that easy. Since it's so hard to do so, to make things easier, why don't you change your ownself rather than the others.

Since we can live a happy life why should we choose to live a sad one?

When things are not in our control, why are we still worrying so much? It'll be making ourselves into tans of troubles as if we keep on worrying. Let it go since we still can't settle it, make life easier for that while. It doesn't mean that things are left not settle, but to settle when solution is up to the point.

Learn from the training session, just want to share to you all. Life is full of complexity, but you have a choice to live a happy life.

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AJ said...

You are right dear, life is unpredictable and yet it's short. So, y not live a happy life? It's all depend on us, whether to choose a happy way or the upsite down. May u find ur right way too! Take care and cheer up! -AJ-

oil said...

totally agree..went through something only i realize the power of "LET IT GO~~~~~"
haha..cheers ^^