Friday, May 29, 2009

after the last final exam

After my last final paper in uni, we straight away stepped on mid valley to have something nice to consume, like what i said on my previous post, we had used up lots of energy for the study. So we had dinner at sushi zanmai. And i shoot some of the food....

yum yum, i heart egg... j'aime des oeufs.


my beloved chawanmushi... j'adore des oeufs..*blush*

On that month there was a happy hour promo from 7 to was like you have to take the sushi where beneath the sushi plate got logo of zanmai... but you can't see through naked eyes. The logo would be seen using uv light. And we were lucky to get rm20 voucher from one of the plate.

That was the voucher we get, and we used it for the meal. We were so happy that day. It was not the matter of money, but it was so delighting when we got the logo, and all of the workers will cheer us with some of their shouting. Good tactic to attract customers.

reflection of angel~

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